Art Deco Font

The details of Miles are inspired by Art Deco screens. Keeping with that theme, the digit wheels will use the Art-Deco–styled font family, ITC Anna. Below is how the digit wheels will display the distance 123.9 miles. In the illustration there are four “digit wheels” and one “fraction wheel.” You can see that these wheels (shown edge-on in white) are separated (gray areas). The separation leaves room for Geneva devices between each adjacent pair of wheels.

The two horizontal black bars represent sheet metal pieces that are suspended in front of the wheels. These bars frame the displayed number and provide a location for the label, “Miles of Air.”




The wheel digits use ITC Anna Regular while the fraction and the label use ITC Anna Extended. (The fraction’s solidus is an ITC Anna Extended slash character, flipped and rotated 90°.) Here are all of the digits provided by the fonts.