Burning Man 2019 Project

If you knew the likely cause of your death, what would you do? Mortorious counts the number of deaths in the United States, by cause, from the opening of the Gate for Burning Man 2019. Digital counters reveal mortality statistics along with 15 “cause-of-death” posters for some common and uncommon ways that we will leave this Earthly realm.—Kerry’s… Read the rest

Mortorious at Burning Man 2019

Many thanks to Mortorious contributors Matt Newton, Megan Boivin, Natalia Baetz, Rebecca Rashkin, Stacy Standal, Tiffany Hollis, and Victoria Hollis! Also, many thanks to Jordan Layman, from whom we rented space during August at Idea Fab Labs, Santa Cruz. Making Mortorious was much work, but in the end, the installation at Burning Man was a success!… Read the rest

The Death Counters of Mortorious

This post is for the nerds. Do you like math? Mortorious used several digital “death counters” to show the estimated number of deaths that occurred somewhere in the United States by a various causes during Burning Man 2019. Since we wanted each of the death counters to increment at an appropriate rate, but we also wanted to avoid the distraction of unrealistic uniformity, the control of the death counters incorporated randomness.… Read the rest