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Burning Man 2007 Project

What will we do with a limited resource? Use it wisely or use it up? These choices are apparent in the refashioning of three children’s games, built eight-times larger than normal size, and arranged in a fenced “play area.” Participants are invited to play the games (Labyrinth, Shoot the Moon, and Dominos). Winning strategies embrace [Read More…]


Burning Man announced the 2007 theme early: The Green Man. I’m choosing an ecological interpretation. Government The purpose of a government is to improve a society, and life in that society. Society under government should be better than society would have been without it. One example of effective government is a properly regulated natural monopoly. [Read More…]

The Games

Here are photos of the actual children’s games that I have. Labyrinth Original width: 13 inches. This will be built 6 or 7 feet across, with legs. Surplus steering wheels will replace the knobs. It will take two people, cooperating, to control the tilt of the maze. The ball will be 3 inches in diameter [Read More…]