Burning Man 2007 Project

What will we do with a limited resource? Use it wisely or use it up? These choices are apparent in the refashioning of three children’s games, built eight-times larger than normal size, and arranged in a fenced “play area.” Participants are invited to play the games (Labyrinth, Shoot the Moon, and Dominos). Winning strategies embrace [Read More…]


Burning Man announced the 2007 theme early: The Green Man. I’m choosing an ecological interpretation. Government The purpose of a government is to improve a society, and life in that society. Society under government should be better than society would have been without it. One example of effective government is a properly regulated natural monopoly. [Read More…]

The Games

Here are photos of the actual children’s games that I have. Labyrinth Original width: 13 inches. This will be built 6 or 7 feet across, with legs. Surplus steering wheels will replace the knobs. It will take two people, cooperating, to control the tilt of the maze. The ball will be 3 inches in diameter [Read More…]


March 5, 2007: Domino Thoughts Each domino will measure 18-½” x 9-¼” x 2-½”. The firms Plastic Lumber Yard and Engineered Plastic Systems can provide 3×10 boards of black, recycled HDPE. These will be cut into proper-size pieces. HDPE is a recyclable material made from, ironically, petroleum. I know that the source that I’ve chosen [Read More…]


April 26, 2007: Labyrinthine Thoughts The more difficult-to-find materials have arrived. Steering wheels Steel rod for steering-wheel shafts Unengraved, stainless-steel petanque balls The maze itself will be constructed from a frame of wooden 2x4s supporting a 3/4″ plywood surface. Graphics will be spray painted (instead of applied by brush) to keep the surface flat. May [Read More…]

Shoot the Moon

April 26, 2007 : Shoot the Moon The more difficult-to-find materials have arrived. White bowling ball Teflon tape I still need to choose which pipe to use for the control bars. May 17, 2007: Preliminary Plans The plans are almost done, except for details on the legs and the fake two-inch-diameter screwheads that hold the [Read More…]


May 15, 2007: Seating Seating will be provided by three modified Playa Love Seats. The design that I created for Dangerous Games sculpts the ends of the original Playatech love seat and orients the back piece for better strength. See the love seats’ Dangerous Plans PDF. May 28, 2007 : Seating I bought a plywood [Read More…]

Desert Test

Here’s the schedule for the pre-Burning-Man test: Tuesday, July 3: Drop off  and , leave , and arrive at . July 4: Leave , and arrive at . July 5: . July 6: More . July 7: Can you get enough ? July 8: Leave , and arrive at . July 9: Leave , and [Read More…]

Dangerous Games at Burning Man 2007

I installed the Dangerous Games at Burning Man 2007, starting Monday afternoon and finishing the next day after the Man had burned four days early. Participants enjoyed playing all of the games. Here campmates Veronika and Clay play the Labyrinth while Burning Man employee Pokie Dot knocks over the Dominos. The Labyrinth returned to the desert [Read More…]