New Site Using WordPress

It’s time to move away from hand-edited HTML to a real content-management system. The old site’s content will appear gradually, starting some time in the future. But for now, this is a fresh start. This site uses the StudioPress Genesis Framework with the Associate child theme.… Read the rest

The TRAPPIST-1 Chord

Update: Since the original announcement, astronomers have obtained more accurate estimates of the planets’ orbital periods, including the period of a seventh planet. This post has been updated with the new data. In February, 2017, astronomers announced that the nearby star TRAPPIST-1 has seven Earth-like planets.… Read the rest

Burning Man 20xx Project

Update: April 11, 2020. With yesterday’s announcement that Black Rock City 2020 has been cancelled, work on this project has been suspended. Last year’s Burning Man project was a bit—morbid. Mortorious (2019) dealt with death, and so I thought that I’d do something happier this year.… Read the rest

The Death Counters of Mortorious

This post is for the nerds. Do you like math? Mortorious used several digital “death counters” to show the estimated number of deaths that occurred somewhere in the United States by a various causes during Burning Man 2019. Since we wanted each of the death counters to increment at an appropriate rate, but we also wanted to avoid the distraction of unrealistic uniformity, the control of the death counters incorporated randomness.… Read the rest