Cupcake Cafe 2018 Milestones

Here’s what’s left to prepare for Burning Man 2018.

Last update: August 24, 2018.

16-foot Trailer

I bought a new trailer to dedicate to Burning Man events. In the past I’ve used a 10-foot trailer, but because I use that trailer for other purposes, much time is spent loading and unloading it and finding places to store everything. This dedicated trailer will save time and space!

☒ Attach E-Track to the walls
☒ Attach pole brackets to the roof rack
☒ Buy two 55-gallon potable-water tanks
☒ Install the 55-gallon potable-water tanks
☒ Buy red and yellow reflective tape
☒ Add more reflective tape to the exterior

Trailer Contents

In the milestones below, “loading” something includes the creation of any needed brackets for holding the item.

☒ Load the tent-stake carts
☒ Load the demolition hammer
☒ Build a rug box
☒ Load the rug box
☒ Build a tent-top box
☒ Load the tent-top box
☒ Build a tent-wall box
☒ Load the tent-wall box
☒ Load the fittings box
☒ Load the frame-tent poles
☒ Load the sake-sign box
☒ Build a cafe-sign box
☒ Load the cafe-sign box
☒ Build a mirror box
☒ Load the mirror box
☒ Load the bar-top boxes
☒ Load the plywood sake-bar base
☒ Load the sump pump
☒ Load the hand-wash station
☒ Load two gray-water tanks
☒ Load the Akro-Mils attached-lid totes
☒ Load the tables and chairs


Here is the start of a list of milestones for obtaining supplies.

☒ Order the cupcakes
☒ Register for the BRC Fuel Program
☒ Register for a temporary food-service permit
☒ Upload attachments for the temporary food-service permit
☒ Sanitize the potable water tanks
☒ Buy water for the potable water tanks
☒ Wash and store all eating utensils, plates, cups, pots, and pans
☒ Sanitize the food pans for cupcakes and frosting
☒ Pick up the cupcakes