Acknowledgements for Worthy

No one person is an expert in everything. Several people helped me over the eight months that it took to conceive, design, create, and install Worthy.

Rebecca RashkinOrganizes UCSC Engineering creative meetups. Suggested a better font. Arrived early at Burning Man and spent hours on the playa Sunday and Monday doing everything from bending tubing to creating cable assemblies. Was essential for Worthy being deployed early in the week. I'm very grateful for her help.
Mark MansonCreated the blog post that got me started. In the end, Worthy took its own direction.
Jessica GreenwellMaterialized Monday night and helped for three hours until Worthy was fully operational! Thank you!
BrentAppeared Sunday afternoon, asked if there was any manual labor left to do, and then pounded most of Worthy's hold-down stakes. Thanks!
Ross GraphicsEarly on, Kevin Ross discussed Worthy's implementation options, and later he made 14 perfect prints with precisely placed punchouts.
Bay Area Circuits, Inc.Fabricated 14 printed-circuit boards.
TAP Plastics, Inc.Laser cut 28 acrylic panels.
San Lorenzo Lumber & Home CentersCorrectly cut plywood panels.
Mouser Electronics, Inc.Quickly shipped required electronic parts.