Lumber Chopped

I used my chop saw to cut all of the Worthy project’s 2×4s to size. Partway through the process I discovered that I should have cut the long pieces before cutting the short pieces: what was left couldn’t be cut into what was needed. Oops! A trip to buy five more 2×4s solved that problem. Now everything is cut and stored out of the weather.


There was a little bit of lumber left . . .


Actually, the inefficiency of my cutting, which had forced me to buy another five 2×4s, transformed my pile of scraps from what I had expected (28 one-foot long scraps) into a larger pile of 16 three-foot long scraps. I’ll find some use for them later.

I haven’t shown the three fixtures that I created. The fixtures ensure that all of the wooden pieces that are supposed to be the same size are the same size. Foretelling my later cutting blunder, as I cut the the chop saw’s first fixture, I forgot that the chop saw was right there and used a hand saw whose blue handle is visible in the photo. Ha!